Uriel Rodríguez S.

Uriel Rodríguez S. (He is originally from Mexico City): He is chief conductor of the Sinfonietta Nacional (Mexico City); The Ciudad Juarez Symphony Orchestra (Chihuahua, Mexico), The Rozst Symphony Orchestra (Xalapa, Mexico) and honorary conductor of K-Classic in Korea.

He has studied a Master degree in Orchestra Conducting at the Faculty of Music of the UV, under the tutelage of Maestro Lanfranco Marcelletti, chief conductor of the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra (2012/2020). Uriel has a Bachelor’s drgree in Music by the UACJ; where he has studied Orchestra Conducting with Maestro Carlos García Ruiz, chief conductor of the UACJ Symphony Orchestra (2005 - 2014). Internationally, Uriel has studied with different maestros: In Vienna, Austria, with the Orpheus Kammerphilarmonie Wien Orchestra, under the tutelage of Maestro Konstantinos Diminakis; in London, Uk., with the London classical soloist orchestra and in Graz, Austria, with the Kammerphilarmonie Graz orchestra, under the tutelage of Maestro Achim Holub. Uriel has received master classes by renowned teachers such as: Guido Maria Guida (Italy), Christof Harr (Germany). 

At the age of 24 he participates in the Kammerphilarmonie Graz 2014 competition in Austria and won a honorary mention to the best Mozart’s interpretation, then he received an invitation to collaborate as assistant of the Austrian Conductor Achim Holub, in a series of concerts in London Uk; Össiach and Graz Austria; initiating an international career that has permitted him to perform in different cities and countries such as: London, England (April 2014); Graz, Austria (June 2014 and August 2016); Össiach, Austria (August 2016); Vienna, Austria (February 2019); Rimini, Italy (June, 2019); Boulogne Sur Mer France (June 2019). In 2020 Uriel has his debut in the city of Rome, Italy where he conducted the opera “La Traviata” by G. Verdi; in one of the oldest and most important theatres of Europe: Teatro Argentina, where important Musicians such as Niccolo Paganini, Verdi and Donizetti have performed, and stage where Rossini premiered his opera "Il Barbiere di Siviglia". In 2021 Uriel will have his debut in Spain, where he is going to conduct the Symphony Band "Banda Música Puertollano" which won at 2019 the 1st place at the international competition of Wind Bands of Valencia

Among some of the Orchestras that he has conducted, are: Orpheus Kammerphilarmonie (Vienna, Aus.), London Classical Soloist (London England), Opal Sinfonietta (France),  Kammerphilarmonie Graz (Austria), Rimini Chamber Orchestra (Italy). In Mexico he has been invited to conduct the Xalapa Chamber Orchestra (OCaXa), the Xalapa University Popular Music Orchestra (OUMP), the Higher Institute of Music Orchestra (ISMEV), the Chamber Orchestra UACJ (Chihuahua), the Symphony Orchestra of the Faculty of Music from the Universidad Veracruzana (by 1 semester) and has been chief conductor of the Youth Symphony Band of the Faculty of Music of the University Veracruzana in Xalapa, by 3 years.

Due to his interest in the development of culture, in 2017 he founded the Foundation Rozst Música, which is the place of 3 orchestras in Mexico and 1 music academy, offering more than 30 concerts per year as well as music competitions.

In 2020 Uriel wrote an educational book on Orchestra Conducting and is invited to presented it at the Library of Ciudad Real in Spain.


Mtro. Achim Holub: Conductor. London,Uk / Austria

Uriel’s conducting technique is very skilled and his approach to music making is professional and full of passion. I know him as a person who is willing to work hard and who tries to communicate his ideas in the clearest possible way.
In my view, there is no doubt about his qualification to become a successful representative of our profession.

Mtro. Miguel Ángel Villanueva: Flutist. México

Based on my experience of more than 35 years of career, of which the last 18 as a soloist, I can assure without a doubt that Uriel Rodriguez S. has a skillful and clear conducting technique, with an innovative approach and full of ideas in the musical creation. This young director also has not only the qualities expected of all professionals, but also the attitude and human qualities that make him an artist with high qualification.

Mtro. Lanfranco Marcelletti: Chief Conductor of OSX. Italy / Brazil

Uriel Rodríguez S. Is a young orchestral conductor who is very committed to his profession, is a music lover and has a great will to work.


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